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Units fabrication bench and mounting tool, clamping and auxiliary, files

Units fabrication bench and mounting tool, clamping and auxiliary, files

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To browse Academia. Skip to main content. You're using an out-of-date version of Internet Explorer. Log In Sign Up. Okpala , cc. Science Research. The work also explained that since the design is dependent on numerous factors which are analyzed to achieve an optimum output, that jigs and fixtures should be made of rigid light materials to facilitate easy handling. For adequate strength and rigidity, a mild steel with 16 millimeters diameter was chosen for the design of a sample jig and fixture.

Mild steel which contain about 0. With 1. The Force acting on each of the lips was calculated as N, the Torque M was gotten as N-mm, while the value of the Clamping Force was also calculated as N. The calculated values confirmed that a 16 millimeter diameter mild will lead to the construction of a rigid and strong jigs and fixtures that will guarantee high machining accuracy, consistent quality of products, and interchangeability.

Finall, the paper advocated that jigs and fixtures must be provided with adequate clearance which should allow for variations in size of components especially during forging, milling, and casting operations. Therefore, to meet up with enormous manufacturing cost, and also increase their the high demand, manufacturers have reacted by introducing profitability, the industry has resorted to streamlining its innovative ways of manufacturing high quality products at a supply chain in a bid to maintaining a very low amount of faster rate.

The production processes has witnessed numerous inventory. This has also led to the demand for a better and changes and evolution with the introduction of numerous cost effective work-holding devices which will ensure better innovative manufacturing concepts which include Lean quality products, reduce lead time, and also increase Production System, Cellular Manufacturing, Single Minute throughput. Exchange of Dies, as well as Takt Time Analysis.

These Also, although some machining operations are so straight- creative approaches have necessitated the need for a reliable forward, like in turning where the job is secured tightly on and cheaper tools and work-holding devices. Jigs and Fixtures Jigs and fixtures are manufacturing tools that are employed to produce interchangeable and identical components.

They are unique tool-guiding and work-holding devices designed specifically for machining and assembling large number of parts. Chennu , listed the following as the purposes of jigs and fixtures reduction of production cost, increase of production rate, high accuracy of products without any manufacturing defects, provision of interchangeability, easy machining of complex shaped parts, reduction of quality control costs, etc.

Jigs and fixtures eliminate the need for a special set up for Figure 1. A typical Jig. Source: engineeringhut. He observed that they individual part. Thedifferent types of jigs Also Mechnol , observed that The main advantages are template jig, drilling jig, open type jig, etc. Fixtures operation selected from the standard components. As a work- locating and supporting the work-piece during operations. The application of jigs and fixtures in manufacturing operations lead to the production of faster, more accurate, and reliable products at a reduced cost.

Jig A jig is a work-holding device that supports, holds, locates a work-piece and also guides the cutting tool for the desired machining operations.

Nanthakumar and Prabakaran , explained that a jig is a type of custom-made tool used for the location and motion of another tool. They observed that the primary purpose of a jig is to provide repeatability, accuracy, and interchangeability in the manufacturing of products.

Figure 2. A typical fixture: Source: Although the most common jigs are the drilling and boring engineeringhut. Science Research ; 3 4 : Fixtures often fastened to the machine table, are made to steel channel. Plane body type — this is the most common type of jig While fixtures are always identified by the machine tool body and is often applied when the work-piece requires where they are applied, they have broader applications than drilling or boring, hence the provision of drill bushes on it.

The different types of fixtures are welding fixture, Built-up body type — this is made from standard steel. Clamping Devices Without sacrificing efficiency and effectiveness, the 2. Advantages of Jigs and Fixtures clamping devices must be very simple and easy to operate.

Apart from holding the work-piece securelyin place, the The advantages of jigs and fixtures includebut not limited strong point of clamping devices is its ability to withhold the to the following: strain of the cutting tool during operations. The bench vice is Production increase; a popular example of a clamping device.

The need for Low variability in dimension, thereby leading to clamping the work-piece on the jig or fixture is to apply consistent quality of manufactured products; pressure and press it against the locating components, Cost reduction; thereby fastening it in the right position for the cutting tools. Ensures interchangeability and high accuracy of parts; The familiar clamping devices include: Reduces the need for inspection and quality control Clamping screws — they are used for not too rigid expenses; clamping.

Reduces accident, as safety is improved; Hook bolt clamp - a simple clamping device generally Semi-skilled machine operators can easily use them used where the normal clamping tip cannot fit in.

Complex and heavy components can be easily Other clamping devices are the C — clamp, the Bridge machined; clamp, and the Heel clamp, Easy assembly operations savelabour, and also lead to reduction of defective products; 2. Locating Devices They eliminate the need for measuring, marking out, Made with hardened steel and with different designs, the punching, positioning, alignments, and setting up for pin is the most popular device applied for the location of each work-piece thereby reducing the cycle and set up work-piece in jigs and fixtures.

The locating width of the pin is Increases technological capacities of machine tools; made bigger than the shank to stop it from being pressed into The application of more than one tool simultaneously the jig or fixture body because of the weight of the cutting on a work-piece can be achieved; tools or work-piece.

Setting of higher values of some operating conditions The pins are classified as follows: like depth of cut, speed, and rate of feed can be attained Locating pins — the locating pins are used for the location because of the increased clamping capability of jigs and of the work-piece when completed or reamed holes have fixtures.

The two types of locating pins are cylinderical and conical locating pins. The pin is designed to rise under spring pressure or in the contrary the weight of the work-piece 2. The Body pushes it down. As the position of the work-piece is firmly As the most outstanding element of jigs and fixtures, the fixed, the locking screw is used to fasten the pin in the body is constructed by welding of different slabs and metals desired position.

Those with flat heads are often used to provide support The different types of jig bodies are as follows: and location to machine surface, as more contact area is Channel body type — this is fabricated from the regular accessible during location.

Mild steels: mild steel which contain about 0. Jig Bushing or Tool Guide availability are often the choicest material for the Guiding parts like jig bushings and templates which must making of jigs of fixtures.

Jig bushes are applied in drilling and boring, here cast iron, high tensile steels, case hardening steels, and for the drill to pass through, a bush fits into the hole of the jig. Bushes are mainly made of reliable grade of tool steel in order to ensure hardening at a low temperature and also reduce the risk of fire cracking.

Although, hardened steel 4. Design of Jigs and Fixtures bushes are preferred for guiding reamers, drills, and taps, the The design of jigs and fixtures is dependent on numerous guiding tool bushings can also be made of cast iron.

The jig bushings are categorized into three: the linear Jigs should be made of rigid light materials to facilitate easy wearing bushes, press-fit wearing bushes, and renewable handling, as it has to be rotated severally to enable holes to wearing bushes.

It is recommended that four feet should be provided for jigs that are not bolted on the 3. Selection of Materials machine tool, to enable the jig to wobble if not well positioned on the table and thereby alert the operator. Drill There are a wide range of materials from where jigs and jigs provide procedures for proper location of the work-piece fixtures could be made, to resist tear and wear, the materials with respect to the cutting tool, tightly clamp and rigidly are often tempered and hardened.

Some of consist of many elements: the materials are discussed below: Frame or body and base which has features for clamping; Phosphor Bronze: phosphor bronze is used in the The accuracy and availability of indexing systems or production of jigs and fixtures for processes that plates; involve making of interchangeable nuts in clamping The extent of automation, capacity and type of the systems like vices, and also inoperated feedings that machine tool where jigs and fixtures will be employed; require screws.

As the manufacturing of screws is very Bushes and tool guiding frames for jigs; expensive and also wastes a lot of time, the reduction of The availability of locating devices in the machine for their tear and wear is often achieved by using blank orientation, and suitable positioning; replaceable bronze mating nuts made with phosphor Auxiliary elements; bronze.

When alloyed with vanadium and molybdenum for it to retain toughness at very high temperature, die steels are applied in the fabrication of jigs and fixtures that are used in high temperature work processes which include extrusion, forging, and casting processes.

High Speed Steels: high speed steels which contain more quantity of tungsten and less quantity of chromium and vanadium has high toughness, hardenability, hardness retention at high temperature, and good wear, tear and impact resistance.

When tempered, they are applied in the production of jigs and fixtures for reaming, drilling, boring, and cutting Figure 3. Major elements of jigs and fixtures. Table 1. The work material constants for Torque and Thrust calculations. Guiding of tools for slim cutting tools like drills; Source: Spogel Type of operations; Work Material K Inspection requirements; Steel,Bhn 24, Provision of reliable, rigid, and robust reinforcement to Steel, Bhn 31, the blank; Steel, Bhn 34, Production of jigs and fixtures with minimum number Most aluminum alloys 7, of parts; Most magnesium alloys 4, Fast and accurate location of the jig or fixture blank; Most brasses 14, Rapid mounting and un-mounting of the work-piece Leaded brasses 7, from the jig or fixture; Cast iron, Bhn 15, Free-machining mild steel, Set up time reduction; 18, resulfurized Standard and quality parts must be used; Austenitic stainless steel Type 34, Reduction of lead time; Easy disposal of chips; Table 2.

Source: Enhanced flexibility. Spogel Apart from 0. Calculations 0. Torque and Thrust terms based upon feed. Source: Spogel They are fabricated with heat-treated steel that are corrosion and wear resistant.

The calculated values confirmed that a 16 millimeter must be provided with adequate clearance which should diameter mild will lead to the construction of a rigid and allow for variations in size of components especially during strong jigs and fixtures that will guarantee high machining forging, milling, and casting.

References [1] Joshi, P. Conclusion Education, New Delhi, India. Jigs and fixtures are manufacturing tools that are [2] Nanthakumar, K. They are unique tool-guiding and work-holding www. They eliminate the need for a special [3] Lin, Q. General Science, Vol. Related Papers. Design and fabrication of work holding device for a drilling machine. Fundamentals of tool design - Society of manufacturing engineers.

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To browse Academia. Skip to main content. You're using an out-of-date version of Internet Explorer. Log In Sign Up. Okpala , cc. Science Research. The work also explained that since the design is dependent on numerous factors which are analyzed to achieve an optimum output, that jigs and fixtures should be made of rigid light materials to facilitate easy handling.

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Whatever mix of the technologies described in the previous section are used, the Production function will still need some definite set of equipment and resources. This includes equipment for fabrication and materials processing, inputs of raw materials and inventory, land and buildings to house everything, and power to operate it. The Production function will also need a mix of humans, robots, computers, networking, software, and design files to control and operate it. The following sections will list alternate design options for these tasks by sub-function, and then try to apply the technologies to them.

Rose, Los Angeles, Calif. This invention relates to clamping devices and relates more particularly to means for clamping worksheets, plates, and the like, on work tables, machines, jigs, etc. In many present day production and fabrication procedures it is necessary to securely hold sheets, plates and other work pieces in a definite position while being worked upon.

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Introduction to ensure un-complication of assembly, and unit cost The Jigs and Fixtures Jigs and fixtures are manufacturing tools that are employed to is are rarely clamped on the machine table as it is essential to appropriately set up, that After the Support Locating/Rest pins – these pins which ensure fabrication, it is.

US2421716A - Machine worktable having magnetic clamp means - Google Patents

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