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Production manufacturing natural glycerin

Production manufacturing natural glycerin

Provide Feedback. Manufacturer and distributor of vegetable and food grade glycerin. Suitable for food, surface science, antifreeze, personal care and fuel applications. Manufacturer and distributor of natural glycerin for cosmetic ingredients. Available in 1 kg to Toll processing capabilities include blending, reacting, distilling, extracting and analyzing.

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WO2015009266A1 - Technique for manufacturing glycerin soap - Google Patents

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Glycerine is the trivial name and the common term for Propane-1,2,3-triol. Glycerine is a sugar alcohol and the simplest trihydric alcohol, a triol. The name glycerol was introduced as it has the correct ending —ol for an alcohol the ending —in stands for alkynes or amines.

Glycerine is a by-product of saponified, hydrolyzed or transesterfied fats and oils. After being recovered in a crude state, it is refined through distillation. Physically, glycerine is a water-soluble, clear, colorless and odorless, sweet-tasting and viscous liquid with a high boiling point.

Chemically, glycerine is a trihydric alcohol capable of being reacted yet stable under most conditions. Because of these unusual properties, its good compatibility with numerous other substances and the ease of processing it, glycerine is used in many areas. Whether used in cosmetics, medicines, foodstuffs or in the technical field, glycerine is an extremely useful and versatile raw material. Nowadays, the petrochemical production process is only seldom used.

Today, vegetable glycerine is produced industrially using three established methods. It is important that it is produced as the by-product of a reaction, a so-called joint product. In creams, glycerine is a moisturizing component. It supports skin care and, at the same time, prevents the cream from drying out. As glycerine is also odorless, it is a good base for adding perfume and is used as a substance carrier in personal and hair care products.

The production of toothpaste, for example, is a large area of application. Here glycerine is used to improve the taste, prevent dehydration and lend a shine. Glycerine is one of the most often used ingredients for drugs.

Other well-known uses include gargles, cough medicines, capsules, lozenges, suppositories, and anesthetics, as well as an additive in antibiotics and antiseptics. In the technical field, glycerine is used to manufacture antifreeze agents, among other things. The solidification point of refined glycerine Mixed in water at a concentration of As a chemical alcohol, glycerine is also needed in numerous reactions in the production of chemicals.

Here the range of applications is very broad. Glycerine is also typically used in the production of alkyd resins. Further technical uses are in the manufacture of paper, textiles and lubricants. Glycerine Glycerine is the trivial name and the common term for Propane-1,2,3-triol. Physical and Chemical Properties Name: Other names:. Structural formula. Smell: ph value: Density:.

Spontaneous ignition: Danger of explosion:. Saponification — for the manufacture of soap Hydrolytic cleavage — for the production of fatty acids Esterification — biodiesel.

Go to Cremer Care. Go to Cremer Nutrition. Pharmaceuticals Glycerine is one of the most often used ingredients for drugs. Go to Cremer Health. In veterinary medicine, glycerine is used as a source of glucose in bovine ketosis.

Go to Cremer Feed. Technical Uses In the technical field, glycerine is used to manufacture antifreeze agents, among other things. Go to Cremer Tech.

The inventive technology for the manufacture of glycerin soap relates to the oil industry and can be used in the field of soap making for the manufacture of glycerin soap. Soap is a water-soluble detergent; as a chemical product is a relatively complex compound of fatty acids with alkalis, and in its structure belongs to the class of salts.

Glycerine is the trivial name and the common term for Propane-1,2,3-triol. Glycerine is a sugar alcohol and the simplest trihydric alcohol, a triol. The name glycerol was introduced as it has the correct ending —ol for an alcohol the ending —in stands for alkynes or amines. Glycerine is a by-product of saponified, hydrolyzed or transesterfied fats and oils.

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JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Glycerin also called glycerol is a plasticizer and humectant that is added to glues and starches to make them more flexible and prevent cracking. Makes watercolor wetter and last longer on the palette. Email to a Friend. Sign up for price alert. Glycerin is chiefly used as a moistening and plasticizing agent, particularly for aqueous mediums such as egg white, gelatin and gum.

CN104262105A - Glycerine refining method - Google Patents

Glycerin is a colorless, odorless, liquid which is the main molecule of fats known as triglycerides. Triglycerides occur naturally in vegetable oils, animal fat and in humans, while many industrial manufacturing processes produce large quantities of glycerin as a by-product. Today, glycerin is primarily produced as a by-product during various manufacturing processes such as soap-making and biodiesel production. Glycerin as a by-product is an impure form called crude glycerin, which is generally 80 percent pure. The process of refining glycerin involves removing water, odors and other undesirable organic matter. There are thousands of established uses for glycerin in pharmaceutical, food and beverage, cosmetic and other industries.

Glycerin is a colorless, transparent and odorless sweet syrupy liquid.

Substantially revising and updating the classic reference in the field, this handbook offers a valuable overview and myriad details on current chemical processes, products, and practices. No other source offers as much data on the chemistry, engineering, economics, and infrastructure of the industry. The Handbook serves a spectrum of individuals, from those who are directly involved in the chemical industry to others in related industries and activities. Industrial processes and products can be much enhanced through observing the tenets and applying the methodologies found in new chapters on Green Engineering and Chemistry, Practical Catalysis, and Environmental Measurements; as well as expanded treatment of Safety and Emergency Preparedness. Understanding these factors allows them to be part of the total process and helps achieve optimum results in, for example, process development, review, and modification. James A. Kent has extensive experiences as a chemical engineer and engineering educator. He also served as editor of the sixth through ninth editions of the Handbook. Kent is a long time member of AIChE.

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And for example, in biofuel volume production, produce 1 ton of biofuel and about produce kg of glycerin. In many industrial production, glycerine often exists with by-product form, in such as soap production, produces glycerine when fat saponification produces soap alkali soap. Therefore, reasonably develop these by products, meet environmental protection theory.

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