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Warehouse harsh cotton fabrics and piece goods

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China fabric stores

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After greige fabrics have been received in the greige room by the processing mills the bales are opened and inspected. It is checked and verified weather the greige fabrics meets the specific standards, and also checked all weaving defects are marked out. Fabric inspection involves following three processes. Perching : It is a visual inspection and it is carried out through the inspection table which consists of a frosted glass with lights behind and above it. The fabric imperfections like thick places, defects, yarn knots, stains and other flaws are marked.

Mending is obviously, the actual repair of imperfections. Knotting should be carefully and thoroughly so that the repair or holes is not visible. The recent innovation by the use of laser beams. The imperfections like stains, holes, hick places, loose ends and protruding threads of warp and weft are detected. The apparatus works by the on-line system and eliminates human error. After the goods have been inspected, checked and classed in the greige room, according to quality and stamped, they are sewn together, end to end, by sewing machines especially constructed for this purpose.

Stitching should be done in such a manner that the creases in fabric at the time of stitching should be avoided. The use of proper stitching thread is necessary to avoid stitch marks during colour padding. For heavy fabrics intended for mercerizing and continuous operations, the seam should be wider 15 mm and stronger. Sometimes, glueing or bonding of fabrics to bind the end pieces by fusing polymer films under the action of high temperature is used instead of sewing to reduce the amount of rags.

Goods of similar weight, width and construction and the goods which will receive a similar treatment are batched together and each lot is given a number. The approximate amounts of other materials present in the fiber are: 1.

In addition to the natural impurities, a considerable amount of fine particles of broken seeds and other fragments of the cotton plant are still left attached to the fibers. During the processing of fibers into yarns and during weaving or knitting operations, additional impurities are accumulated.

With increasing demands for savings in chemicals, energy, and water, certain treatments are often combined. Before the removal of impurities by wet processing begins, fabrics are usually singed. In this process fuzzy and protruding fiber ends are removed by burning them off. Singeing is done to fabrics that require a clear and smooth surface such as broad cloth and batiste, and fabrics to be printed, and it is usually performed on both sides of the fabric.

In s singer, a fabric is passed over open flame at very high rates e. Uneven singeing may lead to un-level dyeing. Therefore, the fabric is passed through the singer flat, in open with and under a slight tension. The gas burners should be properly controlled and maintained; otherwise streaky dyeing may occur.

Also, the same level of singeing must be applied to face and back of fabric, to avoid fact to back shading. Prior to weaving, cotton warp yarns are coated with sizing materials to provide them with additional strength, and resistance to abrasion. The most common sizing materials used is different kinds of starches, and various grades of partially hydrolyzed polyvinyl alcohol.

In this method, dilute hydro choleric acid or sulphuric acid or a mixture of both is used to hydrolyze the starch from the sized fabric. The fabric is steeped in 0. The temperature rises to 50C. The starch present in the fabric is liquefied and is easily removed by washing.

Since, acid can attack cellulose care has to be taken to avoid damage of cotton. In this process starch is oxidized. It is an instant desizing carried out within 2 to 4 minutes.

It is carried out under temperature of 95C. The commonly used oxidative desizing agents are hydrogen per oxide or potassium per sulphate of sodium bromide. In this process the time required for desizing is less and the process is continuous.

The major draw back of this process is expensive and slightly complex procedure. There may be possibilities of penta chloro phenol content in the desized fabric that may be harmful. The most commonly used and the most effective method of removing starch from the fabric is by the use of enzymes. The positive feature of this process is there is no possibility of damaging the fabric and also imparts softness and improves the wet ability of fabric. The enzymes are complex proteins found in vegetable and animal cells.

Enzymes are sensitive to their environment. They have a limited self life of only several months, and should be stored at temperature below 21C. When used at temperatures or pH other than those recommended they will be destroyed. Most desizing enzymes have their optimum temperature operation in the range of C.

They are, however, enzymes that operate well at the boil and the above. Within the recommended range of a specific enzyme, there is a temperature where the enzyme shows maximum activity.

The pH of the impregnating bath, which is usually in the range of pH 4. Fabric is impregnated with de-sizing bath stored hrs. Impregnating bath contains Required amount of enzyme, Wetting agent and Nacl.

Fabric thoroughly washed with hot water. De-sizing completed less than 1 minute The main advantage of de-sizing with enzymes is that there is no risk of damaging the fibres. However, it is relatively expensive. This cleaning treatment, also referred to as alkali boil-off, removes most of the cottons impurities.

This includes sizing residues, wax, oil, protein, and other foreign substances like sand, dust and leafy matters. The scouring efficiency is mainly depends on maturity, fineness and origin of cotton fibers. Kier boiling is most commonly used for scouring operation.

A kier is a cylindrical vessel capable of holding 1 to 5 tons of fabric. It is provided with pressure gauge and safety valve. Boiling takes place at c temperature for hrs under pressure. After completion of boiling the liquor is completely drained out and immediately follows washing with cold water. It is the best way of scouring cotton fabrics as the maximum impurities are removed; moreover, the traces of PCP are also removed. However, it is a time consuming batch process and not preferred now a days.

In continuous machines, scouring can be carried out through a series of J-Boxes for progressive desizing and scouring. The cloth before entering J-Box is rapidly preheated by means of steam in U- shaped heating tube. The internal surface of the entire J-Box is very smooth to avoid any friction in the moving cloth. Bleaching is the process of removing natural coloring matters that cannot be removed from fibers by extensive scouring.

Bleaching is also required for fabrics that are to be dyed in pastel shades, in particular light blues and violets, and for materials to be dyed in colors with maximum brightness.

The main objective of bleaching process is, to achieve the desirable level of whiteness with minimum damage to the fibers, and within the shortest possible time. Currently, hydrogen- peroxide is by far the most widely used bleaching agent. Sodium chlorite Na C1O2 , sodium hypochlorite, bleaching powder, per acetic acid and some lesser extent sulfur- di- oxide SO2 gas, sodium hydrosulphite Na2 S2 O3 ozone O3. In typical batch treatments of cotton fabrics with sodium hypochlorite in kiers, the bleaching bath is prepared as follows:.

Since the bleaching is done in alkaline medium pH the alkali, which is present in the material has to neutralized with dilute mineral acid. To remove the residual chlorine, the fabric is to be washed with sodium — thio — sulphate chlorine destroyer or hydrogen peroxide weak solution the chlorine will wash away.

In this process desizing, scouring and bleaching are combined together. These are very attractive options since savings in time, energy, labor, etc. However, combined operations are not always sufficient for preparation of certain cotton fabrics for dyeing and finishing.

Since the bleaching is carried out in alkaline medium the alkali, which is present in the material, has to be neutralized with dilute mineral acid. This treatment with dilute hydrochloric acid or sulphuric acid is known as souring. The fabric is impregnated with dilute hydrochloric acid or sulphuric acid at room temperature for minutes; the fabrics are then thoroughly washed with water and then dried.

The treatment of cotton fabrics or yarns with a cold concentrated solution of sodium hydroxide solution for one minute or less is called mercerization: cotton fibers swell, untwist and their bean shaped cross section changes into round form.

Due to swelling of cellulose in NaOH solution many hydrogen bonds are broken and molecular structure tends to become de-crystallized. Cellulose I is formed with sodium hydroxide at concentration of by weight. Cellulose I exists in a parallel chain conformation while cellulose II exists in anti parallel conformation.

Currently, mercerized cotton is produced mainly for its increased dyeability and luster. The need for these qualities is evident when trying to obtain deep shades with the bright reactive dyes. Also the acquired luster will provide a lustrous background for the dyes that will further enhance their brightness. During this time NaOH will penetrate the fibres and react with them.

At this stage the tension is applied lengthwise. The fabric is then placed on a stenter frame tension now is applied in both warp and weft directions and is pulled to its desired dimensions. While on the tenter frame, the fabric is washed by spraying water until the amount of sodium hydroxide on the fabric is reduced to only a few present.

Now, the fabric is removed from the tenter frame, and passing the fabric through several washers, one of which contains a diluted solution of sulfuric or acetic acid removes the remaining alkali.

Fluorescence is the emission of light caused by radiation. Fluorescent compounds used for whitening have the property of absorbing ultra —violet light and re-emitting energy in the form of weaker energy, i. A part of the absorbed U.

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Do you know that hemp has a longer, stronger fiber than most plant fibers on the planet. There are hundreds if not thousands of years worth of evidence to demonstrate the validity of hemp textiles to be strong, durable , long-lasting , anti-microbial , anti-bacterial , resistance to mold and fungus and also have been shown to protect from UV rays. We provide quality hemp fabric and several blends of hemp and sustainable textiles. Many of these fabrics are used by designers such as Ralph Lauren, Versace, Volkswagen VW motor company and many others. Because of our relationships with the farmers in China we are able to offer wholesale pricing while maintaining quality goods, as China has been growing and manufacturing hemp for over 5, years. As a fabric, hemp provides all the warmth and softness of a natural textile but with a superior durability seldom found in other materials.

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After greige fabrics have been received in the greige room by the processing mills the bales are opened and inspected. It is checked and verified weather the greige fabrics meets the specific standards, and also checked all weaving defects are marked out. Fabric inspection involves following three processes. Perching : It is a visual inspection and it is carried out through the inspection table which consists of a frosted glass with lights behind and above it. The fabric imperfections like thick places, defects, yarn knots, stains and other flaws are marked. Mending is obviously, the actual repair of imperfections. Knotting should be carefully and thoroughly so that the repair or holes is not visible. The recent innovation by the use of laser beams. The imperfections like stains, holes, hick places, loose ends and protruding threads of warp and weft are detected.

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Our main products: greige fabric, damask and dirt proof damask fabric for table clothes, oilcloth, dyed sheeting, fabric for smock, fabric for working clothes, nonwoven textile. We are ready to provide for all textile ware for restaurants including table cloth, decoration, cloth for bread baskets, cloth for waiters, as well as decoration for chairs and tables. We are ready to provide for the full range of hotel textiles striped satin bedclothes in different sizes. We offer numerous piece goods: coloured and white towels, bath mats, polypropylene tube sack, durable shopping bag. Owing to our own machine line we are able to serve standard sizes as well as individual requests fast. The 12 pattern cylinder for the PP woven bag strap making machine, we are able to produce individual orders. We primarily produce linen tapes from nonwoven fabric, but the machine is capable of cutting other materials. We primarily do the napping of cotton greige fabric but the machine is capable of processing other textiles. With the help of our m 2 warehouse we are able to ensure continuous supply to our regular customers. Full textile service for hotels, restaurants, hospitals, hostels sewing bedclothes, sheets, curtains.

Italian Production of Cotton Cloth Increases F. Humes, office of commercial attaché, yards of cotton piece goods, weighing ,8S9, pounds, in , of which not report, one can arrive at a rough per capita consumption of about 4 pounds. Stocks remaining in weavers' warehouses on December 31 (not including.

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See, which brands obtain and sell their products. Imagine you could identify manufacturers based on their proven specialization and their former customers. Learn how to find your most suitable manufacturers for fabric within minutes! This list is based on verified inside information about suppliers worldwide and can not be falsified. The largest one is Abrasive powder or grain; natural or artificial, on a base of woven textile fabric only, whether or not cut to shape or sewn or otherwise made up Hove over the chart to see the other ones:.

How Digital Printing Will Impact the Quilting Cotton Market

Our company was established years ago, and became a limited company in We provide quality wholesale fabrics to the fashion trade, wholesale and retail shops, markets traders, bridal wear manufacturers, event organisers, the theatre and film industries and clothing and craft manufacturers. We pride ourselves on offering customers the largest and most unique selection of regular and end of line fabrics at extremely competitive prices. We have introduced this brand to the market specifically to allow our customers to benefit online from the largest wholesale range of fabrics in the UK stocked by Empee Silk Fabrics. With over 6 million metres stored in our north London warehouse, and with over thousands of different fabrics and designs, no other e commerce website can offer such a variety of fabrics at such competitive prices. We are constantly adding new ranges and the ease of use of our website allows our customers to search for all their fabric requirements at the click of a button. Register or Login. Largest Fabric Range available to order online.

Grey (Greige) Fabric handling and treatment

The term textile industry from the Latin texere, to weave was originally applied to the weaving of fabrics from fibres, but now it includes a broad range of other processes such as knitting, tufting, felting and so on. It has also been extended to include the making of yarn from natural or synthetic fibres as well as the finishing and dyeing of fabrics.

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Michael Miller Fabrics will begin printing the majority of its quilting cottons digitally in The shift from screen printing to digital printing is one that Michael Steiner, the co-owner and company president, has been contemplating for a while. Until now manufacturers of premium quilting cottons, the kind of fabric sold through independent quilt shops, have been printed with flat-bed screen printers through mills in Korea and Japan. Screens are engraved for each color in the design, then ink is pushed through a frame screen onto the fabric, like a stencil.

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