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Manufacturing factory radio navigation aids for aircraft, helicopters and ships

The Decca Navigator System was a hyperbolic radio navigation system which allowed ships and aircraft to determine their position by receiving radio signals from fixed navigational beacons. The system used phase comparison of two low frequency signals between 70 and kHz , as opposed to pulse timing systems like Gee and LORAN. This made it much easier to implement the receivers using s electronics, eliminating the need for a cathode ray tube. It was first deployed by the Royal Navy during World War II when the Allied forces needed a system which could be used to achieve accurate landings and was not known to the Germans and thus free of jamming. After the war, it was extensively developed around the UK and later used in many areas around the world.

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We provide sales and installation for today's sophisticated avionics systems. OAS offers a full service avionics department and all work is completed to FAA requirements and manufacturer standards. Having a state-of-the art computer based diagnostic center, capable of troubleshooting and servicing most avionics equipment.

Our Avionics Service department brings to the market a combined plus years of service experience providing customer assistance with avionics service. Our repair station also holds limited ratings for Airframe and Instruments. Our avionics repair department is staffed with experienced factory trained avionics technicians which bring to the industry a combined 70 plus years of avionics service experience.

We strive to proved top-notch repair capabilities and advice concerning your avionics repair needs for Part 91,, and aircraft. Our mechanical staff is certified and factory experienced in most of the major aircraft manufacturers including Cessna, Cirrus, Beechcraft, Mooney and Piper.

Our customers have confidence that our technical staff always provides first class service and the finest mechanical work with the most up to date industry information. We can complete your engine maintenance and inspection requirements in minimum time through our industry engine affiliates. Most engine changes are completed during a normal inspection cycle activity. Whether you need a simple tire or oil change, or need a full-blown engine overhaul, we hope that you will take advantage of our highly qualified and certified staff.

Integrated Systems: Garmin specializes in all-glass systems that come in seamlessly integrated packages. Pilots appreciate the wealth of critical flight data that Garmin provides at their finger tips. Garmin integrated systems are customizable with 10, 12 and even 15 inch screen options and can include software options such as Senthetic Vision Technology SUT which gives a 3-D type view of your flight path. Panel Mounts: Garmin Panel Mounts enable you to integrate your avionics.

Garmin leads the industry with multitasking, integrated avionics and cutting-edge WAAS navigation. A Garmin Panel Mount installed by Orlando Aircraft Services gives you many functions in one unit that previously required multiple units.

A detailed basemap shows airports, cities, highways, railroads, rivers, lakes, coastlines and more. Using information from the built-in terrain and U. Portable Units: Orlando Aircraft Services sells Garmin Portable units that are flexible enough to transition from the cockpit to the boat or the auto. An easy flick of a switch from aviation to marine or auto transforms the function of these unique Garmin Portable Units.

Features included on these devices are terrain obstacle databases, automated log book, and optional weather, radio and traffic information. Orlando Aircraft Services is a qualified dealer and repair station for Honeywell avionics products. We can install, repair or overhaul any of your Honeywell Avionics. These altimeters include a broad spectrum of products for use as navigation aids plus wide range of radar altimeter antennas and radar altimeter cockpit indicators.

These fine instruments provide automatic flight control for nearly all common flight situations. Gyros: When Honeywell obtained Sperry, they flew to the forefront of flight control manufacturers.

Orlando Aircraft Services can install these fine gyros at our state-of-the-art maintenance facility. We have the display you need. Our FAA-certified maintenance and repair facility has full capacity to support L-3 products and to keep you flying safely.

Collision Warning Systems: L-3 is a pioneer in developing collision warning systems. L-3 is a leading supplier to business aircraft companies and offers an affordable collision avoidance solution for general aviation and helicopters such as Skywatch Landmark, and IRIS system. Electro-Mechanical Standby Systems installed at Orlando Aircraft Services provide pilots with reliable attitude and directional information during emergencies.

This system alerts pilots to all types of lightning and provides the most comprehensive and real-time weather picture available. Avidyne is the industry leader in integrated flight deck systems. The clear, detailed displays of the Avidyne systems keep operations simple and consistent. Whether you need a flight system for a regional jet or a general aviation aircraft, Avidyne has your solution. Avidyne produces designs that are crafted to make their products easy to use.

Avidyne builds the Entregra, a solution that brings the safety and reliability of an integrated system to General Aviation aircraft. Avidyne also manufactures other high quality aviation components. Avidyne also markets the TWX weather detection system. This valuable instrument notifies the pilot of dangerous weather conditions such as lightning.

Orlando Aircraft Services not only sells Avidyne products, we offer expert installation services as well. When it is time to upgrade your systems to Avidyne, Orlando Aircraft Services should be your first call.

Me, I'd rather fly. Orlando Aircraft Services is your complete Maintenance and Avionics facility for all your turboprop or piston needs. Orlando Aircraft Services, has over 10, square feet of hangar space, 2, square feet of office and avionics installation and repair space. We offer first class services to private and corporate aircraft. We are located right beside the runway at Orlando Executive Airport.

Orlando Aircraft Services and Orlando Executive Airport offer pilots and aircraft owners excellent value and a prime location in Central Florida. We provide prompt and courteous service to a growing number of local and transient customers each year.

Customer service remains our main objective. Your Name required. Your Email required. Your Message. All installations are completed to FAA requirements and manufacturer standards. OAS technicians take pride on the neatness and organized job they do. L3 Communications. More Information. Contact Info info orlandoavionics.

Airbus strives to provide the most efficient helicopter solutions to its customers who serve, protect, save lives and safely carry passengers in demanding environments. Its helicopters are in service across more than countries worldwide, performing nearly every type of vertical flight task imaginable. Its civilian helicopters range from the light single-engine H to the tonne twin-turbine H rotorcraft.

Introduction The offshore environment offers unique applications and challenges for helicopter pilots. The mission demands, the nature of oil and gas exploration and production facilities, and the flight environment weather, terrain, obstacles, traffic , demand special practices, techniques and procedures not found in other flight operations. The following recommended practices for offshore helicopter operations are based on guidance developed by HSAC for use in the Gulf of Mexico, and provided here with their permission. While not regulatory, these recommended practices provide aviation and oil and gas industry operators with useful information in developing procedures to avoid certain hazards of offshore helicopter operations. Like all aviation practices, these recommended practices are under constant review.

Navigation Solutions

What is an NDB? An NDB or Non-Directional Beacon is a ground-based, low frequency radio transmitter used as an instrument approach for airports and offshore platforms. An audible Morse Code call sign of one or more letters or numbers is used to identify the NDB being received. Typically NDBs have output power from 25 to watts for reception up to approx. Higher power systems from to Watts are used for longer range applications.

Aviation Radios

Welcome to flightglobal. This site uses cookies. Read our policy. Canadian commuter airline Harbour Air expects to conduct additional flight tests of its electric-powered de Havilland Canada DHC-2 Beaver as soon as next week as it builds off a successful first flight last month. Airbus plans to boost Aneo production at its Mobile, Alabama site to seven aircraft monthly in , an effort that comes amid a US-imposed import tax on European-made commercial aircraft. Chinese autonomous unmanned air vehicle UAV giant EHang conducted its first trial flight in the United States, as it works towards getting certification for passenger flights in the country. Bristow Group deferred delivery of its Airbus Helicopters Hs just 10 days prior to entering Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, an order the operator axed barely six months later as part of the financial restructuring.

We provide sales and installation for today's sophisticated avionics systems.

Aviation Radios. You've discovered the Internet's headquarters for quality Icom radio and accessories, ham radios, professional aviation radios and FRS 2-way radio gear. At Trig Avionics we are passionate about aviation and aim to provide the best avionics for GA pilots. Cobham is a leading global technology and services innovator, respected for providing solutions to the most challenging problems, from deep space to the depths of the ocean. We not only sell BaoFeng, but we have taken the time to improve BaoFeng for everyone. The program developed so many glitches, it became non-functional. This will help you choose best product and your shopping save time and money.

Decca Navigator System

Military Aircraft Navigation Lights. Flying requires minimal training because the aircraft can fly itself. As the world's leading supplier of nose-to-tail interior and exterior lighting products for commercial aircraft, regional and business jets, military aircraft and helicopters, we are able to provide aircraft manufacturers and operators the benefit of obtaining their entire lighting system from one single source.

Jump to navigation. The STA is issued for a temporary, non-recurring service where a regular authorization is not appropriate.

The Thales ILS is the principle navaid system for safe airport landing providing lateral and vertical guidance for precision approach and landing. It utilizes the latest solid-state technology design with enhanced reliability and signal stability. Designed for logistical efficiency and support commonality, the DME approach and the DME en route feature a high commonality of modules for the best flexibility, safety and maintenance. It is available in low power and high power configurations providing flexibility to support ground, naval and mobile applications with unrivaled performance and reliability. The VOR products are ground-based radio navigation aids which enable an aircraft to determine its bearing relative to the location of the system supporting approach and en route guidance. The CVOR is suitable for standard sites and the DVOR is targeted for difficult siting conditions and supports high performance even in the environment of wind farms. The Thales NDB is a robust and low cost non directional beacon equipment. The NDB provides a user friendly operator interface for local and remote control facility. This navigation equipment also offers flexible adaptation to various antenna types. The Thales MLS offers a large lateral and vertical guidance signal to aircraft for precision approach and landing.

Only through the generous collaboration of company public relations fronts, the aircraft industry not only substantially maintained its production schedules, but equipment ideas in both turboprop and turbojet powered aircraft. At the v the U. S. Air Foree and the Radio Cor. Helicopter Navigation Rcrjuircmcnts. I\lcn1o.


After the successfully completed carve-out from the Airbus Group and a start-up phase, we are now pursuing an ambitious growth strategy as an independent company. Our companies success is based on the work of our highly skilled employees that are fascinated by high-end technology and driven by the desire to meet evolving customer needs. In line with the tradition of our predecessors, we translate technological innovations into smart electronic solutions, which support defence and security organisations in their mission to make the world a safer place. We are a market leader in civilian and military sensor solutions. In addition, we develop new products for data management, robotics and cyber security by crosslinking existing expertise with software solutions. To strengthen our position as a technology leader we are investing in the development of technologies for the future , such as cyber-hardening, automation and robotics. It is our aim to ensure a functioning, efficient and competitive defence industry in Europe. At the heart of our company culture are the values we share, giving the success of our company a common, solid basis. These values — laid out already in our predecessor companies and developed further - are fundamental to all our doing and have a profound impact on all other areas of our business, like a house that cannot rest safely without reliable foundations.

Aircraft Stations

Aviation Radio. National Radio Day is a time for communities across the country to celebrate radio. When the aircraft is first started, the main battery will be depleted and initially will absorb most of the 'roughness'. Definition of radio-controlled aircraft in the Definitions. Antennas one-quarter of the wavelength of the transmitted frequency are often used. The equipment on board of our aircraft will have to figure out where it is. Visit our website to browse our products today. This section will be an overview of the radio and navigation systems available for our part of the aviation world. Get in touch via the Contact Us below if you're interested in these apps. It claims to be the world's largest travel company for students and young people.

Aviation Radio

Our product range is adapted to these major challenges for civil and military aerospace. It also answers other platforms specific needs such as launchers, satellite, UAV, vessel. Learn more about Embraer KC

Riflescope for the Prussian army

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Aviation Radios

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Riflescope for the Prussian army

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