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Production industrial radio relay stations

Kind code of ref document : A1. Effective date : A radio base station for performing communication with a radio terminal via a relay station, including a radio frame generation unit which generates a radio frame including a signal relay region allocated in the relay station to transmit received data with predetermined delay from the radio terminal or the radio base station to the radio base station or the radio terminal respectively, and a data relay region allocated in the relay station to perform demodulation and decode, further encode and modulation processing for receive data and to transmit from the radio terminal or the radio base station to the radio base station or the radio terminal respectively; and a transmission unit which transmits the generated radio frame to the relay station. TECHNICAL FIELD The present invention relates to a radio base station, relay station, radio relay system, and radio relay method using radio communication, and more particularly to a radio base station, relay station, radio relay system, and radio relay method in which processing delay is reduced and a radio resource can be used with maximum efficiency. IEEE

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We have, also, partly described some telecommunication equipment used during the World War II on this territory and kept as war prize, as well as foreign wireless equipment obtained as military help or bought on the market and inserted in equipment of Yugoslav People's Army telecommunication units. The site primarily elaborates mobile radio devices, but we, also, gave a lot of space to mobile radio-relay and telephone-telegraph devices, because they together make integral mobile military telecommunication system.

The time period that is covered with this analyze can be roughly divided on period up to , when Yugoslav Army, in its equipment, hade almost completely signal resources captured during the war, or equipment that was generously donated by United States of America.

Yugoslavia was accepted readily this help because of the conflict with Soviet Union, from , on the score of famous Inform-biro Resolution. It was, also, negotiated about its inclusion into Western Alliance. In domestic factories was started proper production of less complex instruments: Morse device, field inductor telephone PTI, exchange line MP, field cables etc. In that period of time, most of devices presented here were created.

The greater part of it was completely domestic product and components its self were constructed in that time Yugoslavia electronic valves, semiconductors, crystals and crystal filters, condensers and resistors etc. Factories of dedicated industry were also exporting those devices and communication equipment worldwide. Part of communication equipment, during this period, was produced according to license or it was imported, but all reparations and reconditioning were accomplished in own maintenance shops and repair offices.

This is unprofitable web site made from desire to keep this from forgetting. All former soldiers, professional soldiers or some other persons who have been in signal units in Yugoslav People's Army, police or other engagement, as well as engineers and military industry workers will remember of equipment they use to constructed, produced, worked on and maintained. Radio-amateurs and all other peoples interested in military technique can find lot of material on telecommunication equipment, produced in former Yugoslav factories during almost half a century.

All information were given by remembrance and data captured from friends and colleagues. Thank you in advance for all suggestions and corrections. Pomozite nam da prevedemo sajt Radista na engleski jezik. Kontaktijate nas na email.

Welcome to Radista, web presentation of radio and other telecommunication equipment used in former Yugoslav People's Army from to VHF Radio Sets! HF Radio Sets! Mobile Radio Stations! Radio Relay Sets! Telephone And Telegraphic Sets! Police communications! Telegraphic keyers Download! Info And Contact! Classified Ads! Guest Book! Exchange links! Site map. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. Dear friends, this website describes military telecommunication equipment made in former Yugoslav factories, from the end of the Second World War, , to the collapse of Yugoslavia Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia , These telecommunication equipment have been part of arms and equipment ofYugoslav Army, and later, from 22nd December , Yugoslav People's Army as well as Territorial Defense and lesser Police.

From the afternoon singles chart on the radio, television broadcasts, mobile phones, to the electronic doorbell — we are invisibly surrounded by the wireless networks and this is exactly what our hobby consists of. Through this activity we get in contact with like-minded people around the world.

The present invention relates to an oscillation detecting system for a wireless repeater and, more specifically, to an oscillation detecting apparatus for detecting that a wireless repeater is oscillating, and a wireless repeater having an ability to detect its own oscillation. The wireless repeater intervenes between a base station and a mobile station brought in communication with each other through a time division multiple access abbreviated in general to "TDMA" system. In recent years, mobile stations such as vehicle mobile telephones and cellular telephones become extremely smaller, cheaper, and more reliable and, for this reason, a wide variety of mobile wireless communication methods and services have been enthusiastically adopted by people throughout the world. The mobile wireless communication is generally formed between the mobile stations or between the mobile station and a network such as a public telephone network by way of a fixed base station which has a mobile wireless communication service area. If the mobile wireless communication service area includes silent zones such as hilly districts, tunnels, parking garages, underground parking spaces, underground passages, underground shopping arcades and blind spots due to buildings, the base station has a difficulty in covering the whole of the wireless communication service area.

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All electrically-based industries trace their ancestry back to at least B. In , William Gilbert, an Englishman, distinguished between magnetism, such as that displayed by a lodestone, and what we now call the static electricity produced by rubbing amber. Assisted by Henry, an American artist, Samuel F. Morse, developed a telegraph system utilizing a key to open and close an electric circuit to transmit an intermittent signal Morse Code through a wire. The possibility of transmitting messages through the air, water, or ground via low frequency magnetic waves was discovered soon after Morse invented the telegraph.

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Account Options Logga in. Skaffa tryckt exemplar. Arthur Tange. ANU E Press , 1 juli - sidor. Sir Arthur Tange was perhaps the most powerful Secretary of the Australian Defence Department and one of the most powerful of the great 'mandarins' who dominated the Commonwealth Public Service between the s and the s. His strong, and often decisive, influence on both administration and policy was exerted by virtue of his intellectual capacity, his administrative ability and the sheer force of his personality.

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Ground and flight tests; diagnostic systems designed for aircraft; support for aviation technology management; aviation systems; air weapons; intelligence, command and training systems. Manufacture of various types of springs multicore spring, helical spring, compression spring, torsion springs, disc, hairpins, formed wires etc. C4Defence is Turkey's first online defence magazine. The journal is published monthly in Turkish and English. Current developments, as well as the future of the sector, is widely analysed at the magazine. Solutions to problems related to safety and environment: in the area of defense, civil protection, in the specific field of CBRN decontamination and detoxification, sanitation, special industrial applications. Crystal Instruments designs, sells, and services hardware and software for machine vibration monitoring, dynamic measurement and environmental testing. A wide range of gun mounts for helicopters, naval and automotive vehicles. A complete line of Minigun accessories. Specializes in providing modern solutions, which raise safety in the sectors of road, air and water transport.

Omsk Manufacturing Association named after A.S. Popov

Microwave transmission is the transmission of information by microwave radio waves. In the s, large transcontinental microwave relay networks, consisting of chains of repeater stations linked by line-of-sight beams of microwaves were built in Europe and America to relay long distance telephone traffic and television programs between cities. Communication satellites which transferred data between ground stations by microwaves took over much long distance traffic in the s. In recent years, there has been an explosive increase in use of the microwave spectrum by new telecommunication technologies such as wireless networks , and direct-broadcast satellites which broadcast television and radio directly into consumers' homes.

When President Franklin Roosevelt, sitting in the White House, pushed a ceremonial button on his desk in May , a five hundred thousand-watt kW behemoth stirred in a field outside Cincinnati. Rows of five-foot glass tubes warmed.

Read more. Thales is a world leader for tactical radios and on board communication solutions for land, air and naval forces. Thales provides Land Forces with high grade communication solutions for missions in any type of environment and deployment. Communication satellite allows military units to plan and coordinate their infantry and units in the field. Thales provides a complete range of communications electronic warfare solutions, from intelligence to self-protection. A wide range of services, from maintenance and technical assistance to the design and deployment of outsourced operational services. You are here Home Markets Defence and Security. Radio Communications. The future of radio starts now When a soldier on the battlefield needs to communicate precise information in a highly secured environment because he is surrounded by the enemy, it is a decisive moment. The digital revolution is impacting our armed forces and this transformation is opening up incredible opportunities for our customers: much more efficient cooperative engagements and collaborative combat capabilities.

A radio base station for performing communication with a radio terminal via a relay The present invention relates to a radio base station, relay station, radio relay Intelli-Tech Corporation Manufacturing monitoring.

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Visit the Mechanism's website. I Background and Mandate. The Prosecutor shall assess the information received or obtained and decide whether there is sufficient basis to proceed". On 14 May 99 the then Prosecutor established a committee to assess the allegations and material accompanying them, and advise the Prosecutor and Deputy Prosecutor whether or not there is a sufficient basis to proceed with an investigation into some or all the allegations or into other incidents related to the NATO bombing. II Review Criteria. The threshold test expressed therein by the Prosecutor was that of "credible evidence tending to show that crimes within the jurisdiction of the Tribunal may have been committed in Kosovo". That test was advanced to explain in what situation the Prosecutor would consider, for jurisdiction purposes, that she had a legal entitlement to investigate. Thus formulated, the test represents a negative cut-off point for investigations. The Prosecutor may, in her discretion require that a higher threshold be met before making a positive decision that there is sufficient basis to proceed under Article 18 1.

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Date: to on Sunday, 19th January, Japan Standard Time Sorry for the inconveniences this will cause, but your understanding would be highly appreciated. Search by product No. Search by keywords. Include discontinued products. Parametric Search. Buy or Sample Stock Search. Inductors Coils. Thermal Management Solutions. Input Devices. Relays, Connectors.

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Military radios

Our company is possess by advanced technologies, hi-tack scientific potential and qualified specialists. Starting with the market development of subscriber receivers of satellite television and were fixed on it, the company constantly expanding its manufacturing and research interests, covering related industries. With these systems, we went all the way to the evolution of systems multichannel analog TV broadcasting to interactive multimedia systems. Head of the company and its leading specialists continuously entered into the group of co-designer of patents that protect the majority of technical decisions related to equipment designed for these systems and the principles of building systems in general.

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This post reflects the typical Christmas-New Years holiday slump in milair activity. Vehicle-mount, backpack, airborne, and handheld form factors are available. You can rely on your technology to deliver enduring communications that drive actionable intelligence and accelerate efficiency.

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